Just finished up a quick sketch. This one was just for fun, was doodling on my lunch break and came up with the rough idea, inked it, thought it was pretty cool and decided to scan it and give it a quick color. What do you think? 

Working on a new Captain Nemo doodle. Temporary colors at the moment, what do you think? 

Nerd alert…took out the 70D yesterday and fired off a couple quick shots of my new Aoshima Enterprise in my studio. New to shooting models. What do you think? Really impressed with the detail of this Enterprise. 

Do you like sweet $12 Star Trek shirts? Click the photo above to buy my “First Rule of Starfleet” shirt on Shirt Woot! Last run sold about 350 shirts, get one before they’re no longer available!

Another random piece that popped out of my recent poster projects. What do you think? 

Quick 15 minute Halloween piece. Pass it around if you like it! 

Check out a web preview of one of my new 11x17 prints. Super high quality and high resolution. More info coming soon, this is 1 of a series of 5. Share it around :) 

Art & Music. Every day. Taking a break from some design work to make some sweet sounds. 

Working on a new 11x17 print for one of my favorite Horror films. On sale soon, check www.casalegraphicdesign.com for news. Still playing with colors and the final touches. Going to be great.

Part one in a new series of Photoshop tutorials for independent musicians who want to learn how to make some of their own visuals. Check it out.